When I thought that the disease is already behind me, fate was playing a trick on me in the form of relapse.
For 8 years I was at all times under the supervision of doctors in the Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wroclaw. I had systematic check-ups, but no one ever sent me to the spine diagnostic tests. Since September 2013 I had severe pain of spine, which I tried to treat on my own, taking painkillers.

The end of 2013 it’s a lot of my social work in organizing the Run For Health For Patients With Cancer and Christmas Eve dinner for the homeless and needy. When in January 2014 during the organization of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity in Oława, the pain of spine was so strong, that painkillers didn’t help any longer, I went to the doctor, where I received a referral for CT scan of the spine.
The test result bowled me over, it turned out that I had a recurrence of cancer - cancer metastasis to the spine. Wrocław’s Hospital on the Hirszfeld Street became again after 8 years my second home. For a period of three weeks I was patient of radiotherapy department, where I was thoroughly examined. The results of the diagnostic tests didn’t detect the other metastases, however changes in the spine were quite serious and therefore, I was subjected to irradiations of lumbar and thoracic part. For my further treatment was needed chemotherapy. When I asked the doctor about my future, he didn’t know the answer...
After a week of leaving the hospital I began the first course of chemotherapy. Drip lasted from 4 to 5 hours weekly. I didn’t know how much chemistry I have to take and how long will last my treatment. Week after week I counted how many cycles of chemotherapy I went through - 10 - 15 - 20 - 25, week after week, days passed very quickly and again was “this day”. The drip I experienced quite well, worse was with my veins, which were very destroyed by early chemistry, nurses inserted a needle sometimes 5-8 times to find a good vein. After the first chemotherapy my hair began to go out, so I shaved to bald, that could easily grow back. Despite my ordeals, I didn’t give up. Optimism and energy didn’t left me.

In June, when I received for the entirety of my social work at the Gala Women’s Activity the Gold Cross of Merit from President Bronisław Komorowski, at the same time I received a second major award from the PZU Life (Polish Insurance Company) - a second medical opinion. It was oncology consultation of my illness carried out by one of the best American oncologists. As a result of this new diagnosis was re-examined my post-operative specimen, it turned out that a better treatment for my disease is hormonal therapy. I was therefore very pleased, because finished my heavy chemotherapy, which I had altogether 26 pieces.

Today is a year since my re-fight with cancer. Now I go every 28 days for a short 15 - minute drips, that release calcium from the blood and complement holes in my spine.
My repeated cancerous disease didn’t change my life. I work still socially, I organize many events,
I enjoy every day. I know that I'm still for many women a role model. I try to help my friends, who are currently struggling with the disease. I am still optimistic, full of energy, having a lot of dreams, which I try to fulfil from day to day.


Today, on the 4th of August the 10th year anniversary of my fight with cancer goes by. Time passes so quickly. It seemed like yesterday that I’ve had my first surgery, after which I’ve spent a few weeks on radiotherapy. During that time I’ve often asked myself the question “Why me?” but very quickly it was answered – so that I can be an example for other sick women, to infect them with my energy, smile; to show all that cancer is not a death sentence, it’s a disease like other diseases with which you can live, with which you should live again. These 10 years were filled with unbelievable experiences, wonderful people, enormity of empathy, often tears, marvellous moments that otherwise would not have happened, had it not been for the cancer. I was once asked: “Ela, you’re ill but you’re always smiling?” I said something like: “Why would I be sad? I’M ALIVE, I HAVE A LOVING FAMILY, WONDERFUL FRIENDS, I CAN HELP OTHERS so what else is there to want in life?”


On this Anniversary I’d like to warmly and wholeheartedly thank all that I was honoured to meet, who were with me and my family in difficult times. Thank You so much for your words of support, but also for kicks, for wonderful gestures, surprises and Thank You for always being able to count on you. The List of the People I’d have to Thank is so long that I’ll tell you in short: thank God for the gift of life and for all the rest I send warm kisses.


P.S. Let’s drink to health today (could be buttermilk)



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