In 2008, I have started the association Zawsze Kobieta (Forever Female), which main objective is the promotion of health, prevention research among women and helping women suffering through cancer. Every year we organize the Pink Ribbon March – a day for the fight against breast cancer, during which we conduct free breast ultrasound examination which usually checks about 150 ladies.


In June, I organized a wonderful Midsummer Night party, we’ve dropped wreaths on the water, there were dozens of us ladies, we’ve all had great fun which lasted late into the night.


We do not forget about other associations. Mebers of my fitness club have gathered a huge amount of mascots that we have donated to the foundation of Anna Dymna “Mimo Wszystko” (Despite Everything) in Krakow.


To promote a healthy lifestyle together with a group of 50 people from Olawa took part in the March of the People of Good Will Walkathon in Krakow.


With a smile on our lips we’ve marched 6 km, passing the collected funds onto the Prokocim Foundation, which co-operates with the Medical Academy in Krakow helping sick children with parenteral nutrition.


December marks the time of the Santa Claus’ visit. I’ve spent six weeks in the hospital bed and I knew the joy that I could bring to the ladies lying there, so I set off with a bag of gifts to the radiotherapy ward, where among the smiling patients I’ve been handing out modest gifts.



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