2009 was an amazing year for me. It has already been three years after the illness, I feel good and healthy, and all the women I was helping are returning to health.


The most important event was, however, still ahead of me. In March at Professor Tombak clinic I have met Irenka Jarocka, who I have invited to come to Olawa on 26th May. This was a wonderful, nostalgic and emotion-filled concert.


For the ladies and there were over 250 of us, it was an amazing experience. The whole audience sang songs together with the artist, going back in our memories to our youth. Many eyes glistened with tears, the standing ovation lasted long and signing albums even longer.


In July, as a result of sudden and heavy rainstorms our club was completely flooded, the repair lasted two months. Our clients rushed to our aid, there was also our beloved Irenka, who rushed to helped us by performing at a charity concert for our club.


The concert took place in the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Oława attended by several hundred residents of our city.


October is the Pink Ribbon march and subsequent studies of women have unfortunately detected tumours in 3 patients.


December is the time of Christmas presents. Our clients, as usual, did not disappoint. The amount of food collected for a needy family has exceeded our expectations.



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