2011, that’s five years of my recovery, and fifth year of possible recurrence of the diesease, but not with me I'm healthy HUUURRRAAAYYY!

I have so many wonderful things to do, I do not think about the disease, I left it behind me. There are new objectives which I focus on.

In January, at the invitation of the Fluffy Club of Bogatynia we took part in the Christmas tree competition at the Evangelical church in the Czech Republic. There was over a dozen groups competing from Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. The association from Bogatyni has won the contest as they have dressed their tree just wonderfully.

In March we’ve launched our first social campaign Slimming People of Olawa. For 3 months, free of charge, we’ve helped 4 people, 3men and one woman. After 3 months, a huge success, together they got rid of 65 kg. Same amount of fat as 260 boxes of lard. Congratulations and we hope you’ll continue with your resolutions.

May, wonderful May marked the Feminine Festival, my new project to show everyone that you can have a top shelf party not being a professional party planner.

Irena Jarocka’s concert, fitness marathon and a sensational fashion show were all wonderful events, which were attended by around 800 residents of our town.

One of the highlights was a catwalk fashion show created by our instructors and clients, who with such remarkable ease managed to pull off such a challenging task.

Beautiful costumes were loaned by our friendly town shops. This reassured me that in a small town such as Oława great things can be achieved.

October bloomed again in the colour of pink. The march of pink ribbon featured stories of several women who have beaten cancer; we had also the opportunity to have a wonderful person with us - Deputy Governor of Lower Silesia Mrs Ilona Klik-Antoniszyn.

We also couldn’t miss them 2011 Walkathon in Warsaw.

It was a real marathon for me - six hours on the bus behind the wheel, then 10 km march for the TVN Foundation “Nie jesteś sam” (You’re not alone), a short rest and then again back home 270 km.

I made it and it felt great.

December marked the Christmas Eve for the needy. The joy that can be brought to others makes one easy to see that it’s worth to help.



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