​March 2012 blossomed in  pink, this time I was invited to Olawa’s partner town - Gargalo Priolo in Sicily, where I had the pleasure to share my story with the local women.

Our association has partnered with a Sicilian University of the Third Age, whose members, taking inspiration from our Pink Ribbon March, have began to organize the Breast Cancer Fight Day.


The June attraction of our town was Bosman Foam, with the main highlight - the dragon boat race. Our WOMEN crew didgreat against the men's teams.


In July an Encyclopedia of Known Poles came out, this edition had also my biography published on its pages.
In the same month, I have organized a collection of food and clothes for the inhabitants of the flooded village Olszyny.
October marked the second Festival of Femininity, as in the previous year, the catwalk fashion show was organized for the residents Oława, which presented the new clothing collection from our town shops. Members of both our association as well as our club performed beautifully as the models, almost like the professionals.


Our dear friend, singer Irena Jarocka visited Oława four times. Each time was commemorated with a wonderful concert in which she performed.


In October 2012 to commemorate the life and work of Irena Jarocka a concert was organized. It was titled: "You've been here”, it was full of her songs and her spirit.


Another event of the fruitful October was the Pink Ribbon March. Together with hundreds of Olawa’s residents we’ve walked through the streets accompanied by Olawa’s Orchestra. With our presence we hoped to spread awareness and encourage women to have their checkups and ensure early detection.


This year couldn’t be complete without the Christmas fair, which allowed us to organize the Christmas Eve for the homeless and needy.



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