2013 has started for me while volunteering at the Headquarters of the “Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy” (the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity). This year's funds were dedicated to saving the lives of children and providing decent medical care to our seniors. The people of our town, as every year, did not disappoint. Together we have collected tens of thousands of zlotych.


In March, an unusual surprise awaited me, I was nominated once again Magellan’s Laurel, the event is organised by the Academy of Economics in Krakow. It was a huge surprise for me and also a great honour.


A month later, on March 19th in the Hall of the Polish Theatre in Warsaw, I received the main prize in the social campaign “Rak, to się leczy” (Cancer, it’s curable) – a Golden Dew Drop, the person most involved in issues of oncology in Poland. Standing on stage next to Mrs. Catherine Grochola, Professor Jerzy Stuhr and many other respectable personalities from the world of medicine, culture and the media, I felt unbelievably happy.


May was the month of commemoration in Irenka’s Memory. In the auditorium of the Cultural Centre in Oława our friends have organised an extraordinary concert titled with one of her songs “Motylem Jestem” (Butterfly, I am).
On June 19th the same repertoire was sung to the patients of Lower Silesian Oncology Centre in Wroclaw. There were tears of joy and many moments that helped forget about the disease.

In June, together with the residents of our town we have organized in Oława huge event “Płuca dla Justyny (Lungs for Justyna). Within 16 days we have collected the money necessary to save the life of our fellow town resident Justyna Piotrowska. Together with colleagues from our association we have organized fairs, outdoor events such as the Midsummer's Night and Aqua Zumba Fitness. The event was a huge success, our friend is now after her lung transplant in a clinic in Vienna, she is slowly recovering.

On September 6th at the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation in Oława there was a concert of Irena Jarocka’s songs to help refurbish the burned church of St. Joseph’s in Oława organized by the Association "Forever Female ". The concert was attended by Anna Żebrowska, Adriana Krakow, Kamila Bakalarczyk – from Raven, Artur Piotrowski, young artists Kuba Piotrowski and Karina Krakow and the band “Słoneczniki” (Sunflowers) from Bystrzyca Olawska under the direction of Dorota Semenowicz. The audience loved it, the songs were met with great acclaim.

September 14th our group of 25 Olawa’s residents has participated in the March of the People of Good Will ECCO Walkathon in Warsaw. All together we went with a smile on our faces through the 10 km route, thus each of us has passed the collected monies onto the TVN Foundation.

This year, during the march the TVN Foundation has collected funds for the treatment of children suffering from cystic fibrosis. The weather was great and spirits were high for all the marching participants. Unanimously we have made a decision to take part during the next year’s walkathon as well.

During the 18th and 19th October our 3rd Festival of Femininity took place in Oława, we have also organised the Pink Ribbon March accompanied this time by a Brass Band. We have marched through the streets of Olawa carrying pink balloons - the symbol of women fighting with breast cancer.

On the same day in the Olawa Town Hall there was held for the first time, Lower Silesian Forum of Active Women. The theme of the Forum was to introduce the extraordinary women of Lower Silesia - to showcase their work, passion and social commitment. The last day of the Festival marked the 1st LOWER SILESIAN RUN FOR CANCER SUFERRERS’ RECOVERY, which were attended by 177 runners. All have run 10 km, only to help those suffering from cancer.
On the 23rd of October I was invited to TVP 2 to the program “Pytanie na śniadanie” (Question for breakfast ") where I was a guest of Mariola Bojarska - Ferenc . The theme of the program was prevention and early detection of cancer in women. In a few words I also was able to tell my story.

In December a new publication has been released by the Foundation of Lower Silesian Oncology Centre in Wroclaw “Żyj najlepiej jak potrafisz” (Live as best you can). This book consists of people’s stories who have won the fight against cancer. My story is featured there. I invite you to read this book.

On the December 4th we have organised a Santa Claus Fair for Justyna . At the bazaar the goods sold were made by the students, teachers and parents of schools, kindergartens and nurseries of our county. In just 3 hours we have managed to collect over 19,000 zlotych ($6,5K), which were devoted to the rehabilitation of our dear friend Justyna Piotrowska.

On the same evening at our Municipal Baths Termy Jakuba , the Santa’s Aqua Zumba for for Justyna has taken place. Despite the low turnout the event went perfectly.
During 9th of December 2013 Wroclaw TV has recorded a with me, where the book “Żyj najlepiej jak potrafisz” (Live as best you can) was promoted.

I have organized a concert of Christmas carols for hospital patients on December 12th in the Lower Silesian Oncology Center. The performers were girls from the children's band “Słoneczniki” (Sunflowers) from the Primary School in Bystrzyca Olawska under Mrs. Dorota Semenowicz. Concert was much loved by the patients, who have sang together with the band our beautiful Polish carols .


On the 20th of  December at the Centre of Culture in Oława I have organized for the fourth time the Christmas Eve for the homeless and needy. It was attended by over 90 people, the main highlight was the concert of Christmas carols performed by an Orchestra operating at the community centre in Olawa. Each guest apart from the Christmas meal has received a food parcel .

2013 was a very successful year for me, full of new challenges and experiences.



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