11. 01. 2015 in Oława played once again the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.


From morning 150 volunteers gathered the money for the purchase of equipment for the treatment of children in pediatric and oncological wards and decent care for seniors.

Residents of our city and district collected more than 68,000 zloty.


On the 17th of February, on an invitation of Mariola Bojarska-Ferenc now for the third time I have had the pleasure to be the guest on TVP 2's morning tv show "Pytanie na śniadanie" in Warsaw.


The subject of our talk was now my second fight with cancer.
During the broadcast I met a very lovable actress - Grażyna Zielińska.
Our talk can be seen in the interview section.


On February 18th in the Edifice of the Polish Seym Marshall Elżbieta Radziszewska together with deputy Aldona Młyńczak and Professor Alice Chybicka opened an exhibition titled "Beat the Cancer - it's easier together".


The exhibition was organised by Agnieszka Sawczyńska from the Relatis company - the originator of the "Daję Głowę" Happening which took place in June 2014 at the Wroclaw's plaza.
The aim of the campaign was a consolidation of a healthy person with an ill one who lose their hair due to chemotherapy.
Hundreds of people from Wrocław cut or shaved their hair to show their support to patients in their fight with cancer.
Below, the pictures show show the wonderful people involved in our campaign.
The exhibition will soon come to Wroclaw.


For the last few years, together with my husband, we have been supporting the Children's Hospice in Wroclaw by helping with their cap collection - we take the bags from schools and deliver them to the hospice in Wroclaw.


We hope not to forget about struggling children in remote corners of the world.


The polish foundation "Asbiro" has built from scratch and equipped a nursery in Linda, Zambia.


Our family was delighted to contribute to Asbiro's initiative. Gifts - games, toys, stationery and sports equipment were packed from us to containers together with their equipment. We were so happy to help.


On the 24th of April I've had the pleasure to take part in Daffodil March of Hope.


To support those who are ill and reside in home hospices - every year a national campaign "The Fields of Hope" organises such events around Poland. Oława's house hospice is run by Caritas Polska. Schoolchildren also took part in the march, together with volunteers who work with the patients of our hospice.


On the 30th of April in a stadium in Poznań I’ve had the pleasure to take part in an extraordinary motivational event organised by Milewscy&Partners „Life without boarders”


Nick Vujicic is a world renowned motivational speaker who was the guest of honour there.


Nick was born withour arms and legs, but defeated the limitations resulting from his disability and became a happy and fulfilled person.


Between the 21st and 31st of May 2015 a nationwide social campaign took place "Let's deal with cancer". Everyone affected by cancer could apply online to take part in the campaign - this year's edition was titled "FAQ RAK" ("FAQ CANCER") and 170856 people were a part of it.


Last year during a photo shoot with my friend Kryspin Matusiewicz before the "Daję Głowę" happening we have already made up this year's title "Let's deal with cancer".


On the picture with my hairless head I precisely point to where the cancer is located.


On the 25th of may, after 8 months I've had another MRI. I am very happy as it showed no progression, the cancer has not spread.


14th of June at Plac Solny, Wrocław a second edition of the social campaign "Daję głowę".


During a hot summer weather of 30C, 980 people have shaved or cut their hair thanks to our 30 wonderful volunteer barbers.


This campaign has aimed to integrate ill and healthy people together for whom hairloss has been yet another traumatic change.


Our Association, being the beneficiary of the happening has received 20,000 PLN from the sponsors.


On the 19th of June at the Congress Centre of Centennial Hall a Woman's Activist Gala took place. Being their Ambassador I have nominated two wonderful Olawians to this year's award: Justyna Piotrowska and Marta Aksman.


In the category "Young Activists", Justyna Piotrowska has won the award. She's a scout instructor and a convention-breaking teacher, directing her students to the Humanities' expedition of the unknown.


I was very proud and happy of Justynka's recognition who 2 years ago came back to us after a lengthy and very dangerous illness.


21st of June - during this year's "Rooster Day" a fourth edition of an International Antique Car Rally. Over 1400 antique cars have gathered in our town. An additional part of the party was prepared by me "Return to the past - Magic of PPR" (Polish People's Republic).


In an enormous tent I have amassed exhibits reminding people of the PPR's times. There was everything: gramophone records, Relax shoes, adjustable skis, glass fish, Frania upright washing machines and plenty more.


Thousands of people have been visibly very happy to remind themselves of the times of their youth. For young visitors it was certainly a cool history lesson.


On the 22nd June in Wroclaw I have taken part in 4th Wroclaw's Women's Forum organised by the Western Chamber of Commerce. The theme was health and disease prevention.


Although it has been a few months since the last entry my life has not slowed down, quite the contrary it keeps going at a high pace.


Drips administered monthly strengthen my spine, lately I feel well but quite unexpectedly there arose a problem with my teeth.


The x-ray showed acute dental inflammation, because of which I required a surgery to remove 6 of my teeth. Thanks to the help I have received from friends this September the surgeon removed all of the diseased teeth.


I was subjected to an intense course of antibiotics for a few days, after which I quickly returned to health while gathering strength for organising the October events.


On 16th of October I have put together the annual Pink Ribbon march. Mrs Ewa Mańkowska – Deputy Vice Marshal of Lower Silesia was our special guest.


To the accompaniment of the Oława Culture Center’s Brass Band, our Pink procession has marched through the streets of our city promoting free tests and showing solidarity of healthy people to those with cancer.


After the march ladies from out association met and talked to our Deputy Vice Marshal over the refreshments.


Sunday morning on the 18th of October has greeted us with sunny weather. Air temperature of 16 degrees Celsius has motivated runners from all across the country to join the 3rd Lower Silesian Run to Health for Cancer Patients. 300 runners have joined the run. Mrs Ewa Mańkowska has been given the honorary patronage and rewarded athletes with commemorative medals.


I am very proud relieved and happy to have succeeded with such a huge undertaking now for the third time.


Kind words of runners praising the event have been the best recognition of our work.


I am so happy that we were able to carry out the collection of recyclable materials for the rehabilitation of our sick friend – Andrzej, who had previously received a new rehabilitation bed.

In the month of December I have once again organised Christmas Eve meeting for the lonely and the needy. Dozens of people, during singing of carols, shared the wafer, they consumed hot dinner and traditionally received food parcels.

In the same month, in our club, we collected from the clients a lot of food, toys and books and we provided them to needy families of our city.

I am finishing 2015 with a nice message that despite illness I have the strength and desire to help others.




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