The first days of the new year mean my and my closest’ inclusion into the help for a little 7 years old Krzysio, who struggles with severe cancer disease.

On 9th of January, during beautiful sunny weather, on the sunny paths of our park “a Run for Krzysio” was organised. The turnout exceeded our wildest expectations. Our action was supported by nearly 200 runners, small and big, in wheelchairs and by bicycles. It was a great view when all families ran or walked for such a noble purpose. The collected money was handed for treatment of Krzysio.

On 10th January 2016 there was a traditional work in Oława headquarters of Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. This time we were collecting for the purchase of medical equipment for paediatric wards and to ensure decent health care for seniors.

150 volunteers were collecting in Oława money into orchestral cans. This year a record has been set; we have collected 97 257 zloty and 51 grosze, 30 thousand zloty more than last year.


On Sunday, the 24th of January in the National Forum of Music in Wroclaw a special New Years concert for the Wroclaw Children's Hospice took place. It was the 6th edition of the concert led by the unbelievably funny Wroclawian Kabaret "Neonowka". For years I have been supportive of the Hospice through organising in our town, Olawa, cap collections in schools.


This time during the auctions I have donated a beautiful steel angel.


Thanks to the generosity of the guests at the concert my angel has been auctioned for 2600 PLN (approx. 660 USD).


I am very glad that I was able to help ill children in this way at least.


On the 1st and 3rd of May in the cellar of Olawa's townhouse we have organised an exhibition titled "The Magic of PRL"(PRL = Polish People's Republic).


For the viewers there was over 600 pieces from the time of PRL, these were often toys, school supplies, household appliances, electronics, and other, now forgotten items.


Our exhibition has been visited by over 640 people including young people from schools in Olawa.


These were wonderful history lessons, both for older people as well as youngsters.


Once very popular items such as: adjustable ice skates that fit any shoe, shoes "Relax" and vinyl adapter "Bambino" have invoked many smiles on faces of people remembering their past times.


On the 12th of June in Wroclaw’s southern park now for the third time the “I give up my head” event has taken place. In over 8 hours 30 barbers have cut 833 heads of hair. This time the money was spent on prostate cancer screening for one thousand men. This time of course I had once again a pleasure of helping to make the event happen and at the same time I was privileged with a title of a guest of honour.

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 On the October 13, as every year, our city briefly became pink due to the march of the Pink Ribbon, which passed through the streets of Olawa. A few hundred people strong procession marched to the accompaniment of a brass band; friends from the Association, representatives of local government, school children and residents of our town have all joined people fighting cancer.

Three days later - on the 16th of October at 11:00 am the 4th “Lower Silesian Run for Those with Cancer” took off from Oława’s market. This time more than 300 runners have participated from all over the country. After finishing the course, in the sports hall of the Municipal Stadium, the runners have been served hot meals. There also was a gift and prize-giving ceremony there. The kind, family atmosphere of our run has resulted in a huge amount of praise, for such a wonderful organization of the fourth edition of the race.
Following the run, a week later - on Saturday, 22nd of October, I’ve organized an extraordinary sporting event, namely – 1st Charity Run of Hearts. The main sponsor of the run was Oławski Bank Spółdzielczy (Olawa’s Cooperative Bank), which had agreed to pay 2 ZŁ for each lap on the track of Municipal Stadium per person. The run was a hit! Between 11 am and 9 pm there were nearly 2000 people running over 23,000 laps in total, or 9185 km! For the five sick children - Chris Krzyś, Ola, Hania, Kajtuś and Wiktoria, we have collected 50,000 ZŁ that was given for their treatment and rehabilitation. At the stadium there was a wonderful family-like atmosphere.

These two large projects I’ve organised happened during one week, it all helped me realise that I deal with these challenges better and better, which motivates me even more for further action.


On the 3rd of December I have had a pleasure of undertaking in kids sports event organised by Olawa’s OCKF.


There awaited me a very pleasant surprise as I was named a Honorary Friend of OCKF.


A cooperation that lasted years continues to grant both parties greater and greater benefits.


As every year just before Christmas I’ve organised a plushie collection in our club for ill children from Wroclaw’s Children Hospice.


My request has received a generous answer from friends and clients of our Centre.


In just a few days we’ve collected many beautiful plush toys.

All toys have been given to the little patients of the Hospice.


On the 12th of December in the Castle of Ksiaz in Walbrzych a great event has taken place – the Gala of Plebiscite „Women’s Faces”.

I was happy to be named one of the many nominees.


I have found, with great pleasure that my comunity effort has been noticed by the organisers and I have been honoured by being The Person of The Year 2016.




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