My first charity event this year was a Run to save the life of a lung cancer patient who lives in Oława. After six months’ rehabilitation I had now a little more strength to organize this event.


The weather and attendance was great. More than 150 runners traveled run through the trail in Oława’s park, showing their support for Asia, who is also a runner.


In addition to the run teachers of Oława’s private kindergarten, Żak (medieval polish term for student) organized a family festival with delicious cakes, grilled sausages and animations for all the children.


Thanks to the kind hearts of all participants of the event, we were able to raise over 6000 PLN, which will be spent on the purchase of rehabilitation equipment for our ill friend.


On October 13th, as every year I have organized the March of the Pink Ribbon, promoting a day for the fight with breast cancer. This time our ceremony was very modest due to the death of our colleague Dr. Maria Ochman. Maria for many years, as the the head of the radiotherapist department of Lower Silesian Oncology Center in Wroclaw, helped our friends to pass through cancer.


We have commemorated her death with a minute of silence.


During our meeting, an ill friend of ours - Monika Nędzarek, who is currently suffering from cancer, spoke.


Our March passed not through the streets of the city as every year, but through the avenue of John Paul II.


On October 15th , the 5th jubilee of "Run for Cancer" took place. Almost 400 competitors participated. Runners came to us from all over Poland, from Gdansk as well as from Zakopane.


The oldest runner who ran for 10km with great vigor was 87 years old!


This year our event was to support for 26 year old Monika Nędzarek, as well as 8 month old Franio who is struggling with lymphoma - a non-surgical lung tumor.


The beautiful weather, the extraordinary energy of the runners and the organizers made our party to the event of the year of our city.


I am very happy that this year, through the run, we were able to help the young mother with both financial aid and mental support.


I am very proud of myself that alone I have managed to organize such an extraordinary event.


Next year in the spring if my health will be kind I will organize the 2nd edition of the “Heart Run”



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